We Loved With a Love that was More than Love
Madam Paradox Cosplay

~~~~~Sassy cosplayer Devon~~~~~ Sorry about the surprise blog music.
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Elf game strong.
wig tape game lazy.


we all have a favorite eyebrow


U know she dead

Im helping a friend out with a digital photo assignment tomorrow and I was told to come up with something goth looking and since i haven’t looked goth since 3rd grade it was a challenge to find something appropriate! But i kind of just look like a hipster witch!


If you’re not excited about all this Armor, you’re wrong


Cute fact: the cheeks and head are where bunnies most prefer being stroked as they feel the nicest. The bunny is getting a salon of cuddles! ^^


“youre so lucky that you can draw”

yyeah it was all luck and not at all grueling and emotionally exhausting practice kind of like how olympians are lucky that theyre so good at sports


What happens at Skeleton Rave stays at Skeleton Rave

He’s beauty he’s grace he’s mr Lee Pace


I think you have to start with Dragon’s Lair and Daphne when discussing geeks love of video games.


From  Electric Tiki , Princess Daphne from Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair
The Princess Daphne statue was designed by Tracy Mark Lee, sculpted by Kent Melton, base sculpted by Brandon Parcinski.


"what would you do if you won the lottery?"


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